Is an ready Install-DVD available, or only the way by ISO download ?!

Hi, my name is Ralf, I'm from Germany and my English is not real good, sorry :wink:

I want to install the Zorin OS 16 pro version, because I like to have a stable OS that has a look & feel like traditional Windows - and the new WIN10/11 do not have this.

My Problem: my internet connection is not quite good and so I'm "a little afraid" to download the ISO-File for create my own Install-DVD.

I read about the checksum tool to proof that the download is ok- but it seems to be too complicate for someone like me.

Is there a way to buy an official install medium ? (pay with PayPal is possible)

Thank You, and please excuse my "denglish" (that means: german-like-simple-wrong-english) :-))

With best regards, Ralf

Hi, Ralf

I think only the Zorin 16 core version is available on DVD: Zorin OS 16 Core DVD (64-Bit) | Linux DVD Shop - UK Linux Shop supplying Linux on CD, DVD and USB delivering to the UK and worldwide with 24hr dispatch.


Hi Storm, You make my day -> thank You !!!

How I can see is the Core-Version ok for me, because I want the Desktop-style that is near to the traditionell Windows style (like WIN XP) that I have currently run on my WIN7 system.

So the way is open for me too discover "The Linux World" -> belive me, I'm realy happy!


Then the core version is all you need. The Pro version comes with Windows 11 and Mac layout.

Actually there are themes out there so you can get it to look almost like winXp regarding icons and look.


great, and thank You for the very fast answer!

I think this OS will run good on a i5-3330 CPU with 8GB memory "old style PC" ... old style, like me :wink:


what do you have as video card?

there is no separate video card in my system, I use the inside Intel HD2500 graphics, the mainboard chipset is the H61

In Windows full HD Videos runs with no problems - about game performance I don't kwow, because I don't play games :wink:

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