Is auto-cpufreq necessary, or at least useful on Zorin 16?


I have Zorin 16 Core on a ThinkBook 14s, and I am wondering if there are any drawbacks of having auto-cpufreq installed as daemon service. I haven't done any CPU benchmarks, but after running GTA IV on the laptop, I'm inclined to think that temperatures are same, whether auto-cpufreq is running or not. Auto-cpufreq just enables performance governor more often, and disables turbo boost. I'm pretty sure that Zorin enables powersaving mode on its own when power cable is not plugged in.
So is auto-cpufreq still a mandatory utility for laptops? Should I set it (as daemon) and forget it?

Thanks, and forgive me my silly questions.

It is not a silly question.

I would not consider auto-cpufreq mandatory by any means. It can be helpful for some users.
For others, it would be more redundant than anything else.

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auto cpufreq worked wonders for me. My fans are quiet when I just browse the internet and even on heavy duty they are less annoying.

I recommend it cause you get all the power wehen needed but also get the benefit of less power consumption.

I installed it after a while using Zorin 16 coming from Win 10 and 11 and Zorin just used my fans a lot. Windows did as well but so I always ran the lowest possible power setting with the Asus setup app.

auto cpufreq is an other wold in my case

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