Is Dell XPS 13 model 9310 2-in-1 Laptop supported by Zorin OS?

Please write here if you were able to run Zorin OS on this model and what were the issues. Full specification are here
It seems to run Arch Linux fine likely Ubuntu is as well if kernel upgraded
Experience of first-hand Zorin OS user would be highly appreciated before my purchase :pray:

There have been some issues with Dell. From blank screens after install to troubles with hot keys not working and many imbetween. Try running a live image of Zorin and see if there are any issues. This doesn't mean it'll run perfectly once installed, but will give you the idea if it recognized your hardware and that things work. You may still need to troubleshoot things after install to add drivers or other software. It may also be fine. You won't know till you try. Not everyone runs that system.

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