Is desktop search bugged?

I'm having a weird issue that to me looks involving single-click to open files (in this case, desktop shortcuts), desktop search, windows focus system and maybe a specific flatpak (Alien Arena). For short I click on its desktop shortcut, the game works just fine for a while but then is closed with no specific warning or error and I see a warning saying Cancel the current selection before of a new search (that closes by itself after 1.5 seconds). I searched for this issue on Google (linux desktop search issue and linux desktop search focus issue) but results seems not matching my current problem. The only explanation I have is that Alien Arena don't set the focus on itself properly/completely and so holding game controls (WASD for movements or a certain key combo) still triggers the desktop search “below” the game, because by default desktop shortcuts are still highlighted even after the software has been launched. Do you know what I should search to show some proper results for this or know if this issue was already reported somewhere?