Is Firefox Lite Any Good

Looking at different browsers .... I know everyone has their favorite ..... and I like Vivaldi (yes I know it is based on chromium) but that doesn't keep me from looking .... I've downloaded midori but haven't installed it yet not sure just what platform it is based on .... I know chromium can be kind sticky sometimes and I know Firefox has it's own ..... I have also read a lot of choices from various members on this forum ....

Anyway I'm only tire kicking right now .... :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that Chrome is dominating the market, options are being lost by the day. I know of no other browser I can recommend besides Firefox.

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I like Brave very much, the advance controls are great with all the developer options in public helping me to customise it just the way I want itπŸ’•
Firefox is great but it is extra (ordinary) :joy:

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Last i knew firefox lite development and updates ended in 2021, and the project came to a halt, i would be worried about the security aspects. Opera and Brave work pretty well. Edge for Linux works alright too if you want to dance with the devil :smiling_imp:


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