Is Gnome 43 Coming to Zorin OS

I really like the look the new gnome 43 and I am wondering if that is even coming to Zorin OS? if not is there a way to get the gnome 43 style and features. Cause that would be cool

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I would assume the next release will have a newer version of gnome. It looks like you can manually upgrade gnome but it looks like it's not the greatest idea, on this post it says this:

"You'd need to upgrade libraries/toolkits & lots of your system, which would mean you're not running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS anymore; or you'll lose the LTS feature and your system would be a frakensystem with parts 22.04 (receiving upgrades for 22.04) but large parts of your software stack (including GTK apps) being 22.10. You're much safer upgrading to 22.10 & having your whole stack receive updates, release-upgrading to 23.04 when the time comes; instead of finding yourself on a partially updated & partially EOL 22.04/22.10 system"

So it's probably best to just wait until Zorin includes this version. It is an LTS distro after all.

Also when the time comes if you want to get what you saw in the new gnome trailer thing, make sure you set the desktop layout to gnome shell look.

I had thought that it was mentioned here that Zorin did not use GTK4...I may be mistaken though.

Here is a link to a small looks a lot like the Zorin interface to me but, I am fairly new to Linux. Being an old stick in the mud, I will stick with what ever Zorin produces or with what ever does not require an unholy frankensystem experience. :slight_smile:

Gnome 43 Demo

I read in another forum post that gtk4 support was planned for Zorin 17. Not sure what that means for the actual gnome version.

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Unless I am mistaken Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 not 22.04.

Yeah but that doesn't really change anything.

if not is there a way to get the gnome 43 style and features. Cause that would be cool.

Short answer: Nope.

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