Is it illegal if i modify the core version and create new variants of it and distribute it for free

I just would like to know if it is illegal to create new variants of the core version like lite and stuff and then distribute the iso for free

Short Answer: No, you can fork ZorinOS like ZorinTeam fork Ubuntu

Long Answer? Is it copyrighted?

Since I am not one of the developers, I am not able to answer that question. And its in my humble opinion, that question, should only be properly answered, by the developers.

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You mean you still keep all the logos and stuff?

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nope just i would like to change the whole thing. I am not using ubuntu to do so because i dont wanna dual boot and i currently have zorin os 16

ok, ZorinOS is basically almost Ubuntu. If you want to fork a distro why don't you fork from the source?

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i did not understand that

Honestly Kedric, if it were I that wanted to do this, I would feel loads better if I got approval from the Zorin DEV's first, so thats my recommendation.

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Isn't ZorinOS like open-source? I though you can just fork anything

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Ok i will wait for their answer. And its not for commercial use

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or maybe i will run ubuntu on vm and then cutomize ubuntu. Thats legal right

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It would be necessary to remove all Zorin logos and branding in order to not infringe on trademark rights.

The standard rules in corporation all logos used and trademarks are copyright.
If he want changed Zorin operative system to for personally home user then he changed a code and this is not the same but he can share this OS because Zorin is a open-source software a code must be see. So the modyfication where people doing on any distributions are legal or illegal? Example apple using logo with modification hackintosh it is illegal because there exist a company logo and operating system. So this is how it works code is open source and this is no illegal but trademarks inside system are copyright and if used third companies or person is illegal. Little this is weird because shell POP OS you can used in Zorin OS and then this is legal or not illegal?

ok thank you

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