Is it possible to change Bootloader name?

I have a different QUESTION. There are MANY Ubuntu derived ISO linux versions. But many (Most) only post UBUNTU into the boot menu. Why or HOW would I have it post the exact version of UBUNTU ? Debian, Ubuntu and Zorin - all only list Ubuntu. Is there a way to modify ?

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/boot/efi/EFI/ will contain the default folder name of the base. In our case: Ubuntu

I agree that if loading from the Motherboard EFI boot screen, it can be confusing which distro is which when they all say "Ubuntu".
If loading from Grub, it will show the Proper Distro Name.

You can use efibootmgr command to assign a new label to the EFI boot loaders.
There are flags that you use, --create followed by the disk device I.D., the partition number and then --label and the new label you want to use. I could not remember so I tried looking it up. And I found this tool that simplifies it:

So, I figure we can start there.

It was right a thing that I'd have asked one day, so weird to read ubuntu when it would be easier to read the proper OS name. Is there a really valid reason for why it's not listed with its name on BIOS/UEFI as default?

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There are two different actions here:

  • A user reassigns a label post install
  • A label is assigned pre-install that may cause conflicts during the usage of the Ubuntu Ubiquity installer in checking repos and updates.

It is better for the user to simply and neatly assign a new label once installation is fully run and completed.

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