Is it possible to install Zorin OS on a chromebook?

I have a chromebook and i wanted to know if it’s possible to install Zorin on it. I also want to know if i can flash it to usb using chromebook recovery utility (by renaming the Zorin OS iso to a .bin file to fool the tool)

My take on it is no. eMMC notebooks, along with Celeron and Sempron processors should have been consigned to the recycle bin at point of Conception.
Just to add, Google has taken the inverted approach to Apple - make a cheap product that can only run ChromeOS and consign it to the bin after two years as it’s cheap for the new more powerful ones coming out at a slightly higher price - oh yes, and make sure it only runs ChromeOS. People are hoodwinked by (Oh a notebook that lasts for 12 hours, no viruses - well no mention of potential malware that could lurk in an .apk in the App Store.) People waste money on ChromeBooks instead of saving for a Notebook that can do far more than a Chromebook ever could. And preferably go for a linux supported manufacturer.
StarLabs, Entroware, NovaCustom, Clevo, SKIKK … Pop_OS!, System 76 …
Think Penguin - at least you know it is going to work out of the box.
Or if money is really tight (which it is thanks to Covid) then buy a second hand notebook off e-bay. And just thinking about that after Covid in the same sentence, and knowing that more germs hide in a keyboard than any other device we are likely to use … oh well!

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i remember installing zorin os 15 core on my chromebook once and it worked fine

Yes, it is possible to install Zorin 15 on a Chromebook. Bear in mind that Swarfendors warning about eMMC is worth noting.

Perhaps these guides can help: