Is it possible to run ethernet and wifi connection simultaneously on Zorin OS?

Hey guys, a beginner that just moved to Linux here! So I've installed Zorin OS and right now I'm trying to set up the Zorin Connect function between my desktop and my phone. My desktop is quite old and doesn't have a wifi adaptor (running on ethernet), while my phone runs on the house wifi, I can't find my phone on the zorin connect menu on my desktop (I think that's because they are in 2 different internet environment), I'm planning to get a nano-usb wifi adaptor to solve the problem, but I'm not sure if the adapter along could handle my demand for internet speed. Is there anyway for my computer to run simultaneously on WIFI and ethernet connection?

I'm open to any suggestions! :grinning:


No. It is not even possible even in windows. Two network adapters cannot work simultaneously. But if you have a Ethernet cable for your PC there is no need for WiFi connection or Hotspot Connections. WiFi Problem can be Solved using Tutorials available online and changing particular values in the configuration files.


Thank you for your suggestion! Apologies for not making the statement clearer at the start, yes I do have an Ethernet cable for my pc connected. The problem is that the Zorin Connect app on my phone (which is connected to wifi) wouldn't detect the presence of my computer, is there any way to fix that? I've seen some say that we could add the computer via IP address, but I'm unable to find a tutorial that goes over that function in detail.


Let me explain the Solution in one go:-

Follow the Instructions in this article to use Zorin connect.

Now Important Points:-

  1. Devices should be on the same Wireless Fidelity.

  2. Ethernet cables may create problem in connecting to Zorin Connect because they will not be detected by the app.

  3. Solution to this is attaching WiFi USB Adapter.


Interesting. I have no such issue using KDE Connect using my smartphone using wireless and my computer which is Ethernet running Devuan 3.1.1. Just have to be on same network. Works flawlessly.

Woah! Thank you so much for your help, got a new wifi adapter today and fixed my problem immediately!

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