Is it really not possible to install Zorin OS Lite 64 Bit with less than 2gb of ram?

So first time ever using linux I’ve run into an issue where it is not letting me install the OS. I’ve looked around and I think It has something to do with ram, on the website it says it may not work with less than 2gb of ram to install 64 bit but my cpu is 64 bit so i just wanted to know is it not possible?
Sempron +3200
A8N-LA Motherboard
Integrated GeForce 6150 LE
512mb RAM
120gb HDD

That is too low in these times, I am sad to say.

Oh yeah i definitely know it is now a days I was just wondering If there’s anything I could do since it says the system requirement are 512mb. This is just a really old system I’ve had and just trying stuff out

Zorin would Run... albeit slowly. Zorin OS comes with a default Swap file, but you could adjust that.
It would require a Minimal Install (There is a checkbox for it in the GUI installer).

If it was me... I would go another way on that machine. Perhaps Antix Linux.

I think a minimal install is only in pro versions no?

I am going to give you a freebee of info...

Look into Bionic Pup Linux OS. Since you have a 64-bit CPU, you will need the version for your CPU.


Another good distro for RAM limited machines is Q4OS.

Looking at the specs for that motherboard it apparently supports up to 4GB of RAM so the easiest solution would be to add more RAM.

According to this: HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications, A8N-LA (Nagami) | HP® Customer Support
that motherboard supports upto 4Gb RAM.

Dual-channel memory architecture
4 DDR1 DIMM (184-pin) sockets
PC3200/PC2700 DDR1 DIMMs
Non-ECC memory only
Maximum memory: 4 x 1 GB DDR1 DIMMs, 4.0 GB total
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I think there is a difference between the minimum system requirements and the recommended system requirements.

Be able to run OS and be able to use it stress-free is a different story.

I have 11 years old Netbook which can take 2GB RAM only.
I could run either Linux Lite or Bohdi Linux on this machine at a reasonable speed.

If hardware upgrade is not your option, you might want to check those super-light weight OSs.

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