Is it safe to write files in the Windows partition in Zorin?

Moving all my files from Windows to Zorin would be a hassle as I can't access my files on Zorin using Windows (fully switching to Zorin is not an option). However, I can read my files on Windows using Zorin. Is it safe to write on the Windows partition?

I'm talking about non-critical folders---actually just the Desktop folder. I will never play with system32 on Zorin lol. :laughing:

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It is completely safe to write on a ntfs partition.
However, you must switch off hibernation if you want dual boot.
Switch it off with:
In command prompt or powershell with admin privileges in windows:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off
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Why do I need to turn off the hibernation?

As EE wrote. On my dual-boot Win7<->Z16 desktop, while I'm on Z16 I frequently create/edit/delete files and folders present in the Win 7 Desktop and Win 7 My Documents folders. Win 7 still works fine - on the rare occasions I boot it up.


When you use hibernate or fast startup in windows it locks the windows partition. When you edit/create files in linux and afterwards boot into windows, Windows will remember only the past state of the drive thus corrupting the whole drive. This causes data loss 80 percent of the time. Disabling hibernate and fast startup is not a choice that you are given...You must do it or you will run into problems.


Thank you!

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I am glad I could help. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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