Is it worth to dual boot

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I eventually decided to fix my I7 so I can take my time upgrading my ryzen. It's mainly a work pc for IT/Web Dev and Remote support. I do lite gaming like torchlight 2 etc So she has a RX470

Now is it worth it to dual boot when I only need 1 program? I only need 1 program on windows and that is AMD Link. There anydesk etc but non can do what AMD Link does as it live stream from my pc as I am on the road a lot for work. I did try to get and app for it on linux but I could not find one that can mimic AMD Link.

PS: I am sad I sold my dual xeon server over the weekend :smiling_face_with_tear:
Guess I build a new server... Only thing that will be tricky to get on is 32gb ECC. It's easy to get but man, It's expensive.

You're the only one who can answer that question for you... Is it worth the pain of switching back and forth? Do you really need that one program or can you replace it? Can you get away with setting up a virtual machine with Windows, instead?

I don't know what AMD Link but from a quick search I gather it's some sort of remote desktop program? Maybe Remmina, which I believe comes by default in ZorinOS, can help with that.

I actually tried Remmina but my current work pc is really, really slow so I could not use a VM after I sold my server. I did order my I7 mother board today which has SMT which they call HT but in the spec sheets it reads as SMT :smiley:
Let me look into rem. My personal experience. Zorin OS is a lot more stable than Windows on older hardware.

I did setup remote desktop on windows server 2012 R2 and win 11 over the internet. So I am more familiar with that. AMD Link does not just work on AMD it works on most hardware and it's same as Nvidia/Playstaion/AMD/Microsoft stream service just better. If I remember correct It does not work on Intel gpu's. Because I am a lot on the road. For example. I can play path of exile with no lag on my Samsung J5 phone which is a few years old.

If you only infrequently use a Windows app (as I do) then dual-boot is not such a great chore.

As zenzen has said, it depends on your machine spec regarding its capacity and capability to support a virtual machine.

I suspect Windows App Support (Wine, POL etc) will be unsuited for that app. I have given that up for even simple Windows app's since upgrading to Z16 from Z15 as I can't even enter the Program Key in the setup box when asked for.

Make sense. Remote desktop I can use for most of my work. Because I am on the road a lot, I sometimes get some gaming time in. That's the only thing I need a stream type of app to control it from my phone. I am still waiting for my I 7 mobo. It's 4pm... I am going to try Rammina and see if it will work as I am not a big fan of anydesk.

PS: How to shoot a Client down. My Client told me yesterday. Yes his server's are running Linux but Linux sucks. I just politely answered. Meh Linux is for smart people. :rofl:

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