Is OneDrive available? And if so, does it even work?

Recent convert here. Took a deep dive from Windows 10 to Zorin full time. Full migration and so far, loving it.
But I have hit a few snags, namely OneDrive.

In my searching I found different versions of it. OneDrive and then Onedriver etc.
I managed to get OneDriver to work, but I didn't like how it worked. I used another, and literally spent 24+ hours solid downloading all my files. Once that was done, it complained of a database error and access violation.

So I gave up. I get like this, is something as simple as this brings up errors and issues etc, I end up throwing in the towel and going back to Windows, which I don't want to do.

How can I get OneDrive to work? Or to be clear, access to my onedrive files in a syncing way. I could consider leaving them and using another service, but I've used it for years now so I'd rather not.

Try with I have great success wit it in the past with different clouds solutions. It's not free, but there's a 30-days demo to try out.

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Thank you, but I'd rather avoid paying for an additional service, even if it is for a year at a time.

Take a look here:

That's another paid for application. :confused:

OneDrive is proprietary Microsoft. Paywalls get harder to avoid.

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After experimenting with a few solutions including RClone, I settled on OneDriver. There are a few things that bug me about it (the file cache slowly gets bigger and bigger, and it's slower than OneDrive on Windows) but it serves my needs more-or-less adequately. What troubles were you having with it?

It is probably me not know things well enough yet, but I didn't like the fact I didn't know what it was doing.
I'd add my account and it would show my files, but no status in what it has downloaded. I want it to download EVERYTHING to my machine and it may do, but I was trying to open documents and they wouldn't load because they were downloaded. Perhaps they get dynamically downloaded, but I wanted it all downloaded. Is that possible with OneDriver?

Maybe you can use rclone. This utility can work with a lot of different cloud providers, including OneDrive.

You can mount OneDrive in Linux via rclone.

Had the same problem, the easy way is to use the browser login page, then just grab the image you want, works for me good luck.

I have Onedrive and not paying for anything extra. This is what I used to install, works just fine and syncs.


I don't think so with OneDriver, that touts 'only download files as you use them' as one of its main features.

GitHub - abraunegg/onedrive: #1 Free OneDrive Client for Linux May be able to do it, though. It looks like you can get a GUI working for it as well.

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