Is reinstalling and formatting my pc over and over again bad for my hard drive?

Basically the title. I want to have experience in installing different versions of different distros. Is this gonna break or slow my hdd in any capacity?

If you look at a partition as another hard drive,
Only you have all the hard drives on the one drive :slight_smile:

No it will not damage or slow it down having multi partitions,

Only if you fill up a partition ,, just like a normal drive can be filled up..
Hope this helps


It depends a little bit what You have: HDD, SSD, m.2

A HDD is the slowest but when you write and delete often it is reliable. The other two's have Chips where the Stuff is saved - like a USB Stick. And at some Point they don't can not more writing. Sorry, but I can't give You a technical Description for the How and Why - I'm not so smart, haha! - but that is a technical Limitation of that kind of Storage. But in general it should give Numbers that say how much you can write.


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