Is there a direct way to fix the CAPS Lock Delay?


I use mx keys and mx master 3.

I'm used to faster typing with Caps Lock on and OFF.

In ZOrin (-<see an example) there is a delay in Caps lock!

I found a solution here:

My question is, can I follow that instruction (editing the capslock file and change in gnome tweaks)

or is there any quick fixes?

I'm now scared of editing system files!

Please help!


I feel your pain. I also move very quickly on my keyboard while using keyboard shortcuts in Graphical Editing software. So fast, in fact, that it cannot always keep up and I have to stop a moment and correct it. It is... Very... Annoying...
The GIMP Devs have promised that the issues are fixed in 2.99... But 2.99 is still in development...


Reasonably. :wink: But be bold. The more you succeed while fearful, the better it facilitates confidence and learning.

No... I would recommend following the very guide you posted carefully. Be bold, but careful.
I am sure you will make it through just fine.


Hello @Aravisian

Thanks for the positive response.

Yeah, it's fixed.

I was too bold and this resulted in doing very sensitive operations :joy:

For example yesterday, I broke the system by extending the partition via GParted, resulting in a fresh-installation of Zorin and I lost the whole one day! :melting_face:

Now using Timeshift and also being very careful doing sensitive operations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, when I first started using Linux, I was quite bold. And reinstalled Zorin OS... a Lot. To the point I became nearly an expert on a weekly reinstall.

As time went by, the reinstalls began to happen less frequently. Now, I cannot remember that last time I had to reinstall. I have not needed to at all since I bought a new computer maybe a couple years ago.


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