Is there a screen magnifier for Zorin OS

I am thinking about installing Zorin OS and maybe even purchasing the pro version. I have a desktop I can practice on but what I really need is a screen magnifier. I am not sure how to enable it and there are so many options under settings. I download the lite version and I have booted my laptop off of it just to try it in trial mode but I haven't found out where to enable the screen magnifier and since I am using a track pad rather than a mouse with a scroll wheel how to make it zoom on Super+/Super- keys instead of scroll mouse which I don't have. I am running Kubuntu 18.04 on my laptop and really don't want to lose the magnifier. Can someone help me? Thanks.

You can use xmag or Alt + scroll up or down with your track pad to magnify your screen in xfce. Try them out and see if they work for you. There is an accessibility app in, but that did no change in my laptop. Maybe I just don't know how to use it right.

CTRL WINDOWS 8 Zoom Engaged

CTRL WINDOWS 8 Zoom Disengaged

Go to accessibility options in settings to adjust the zoom amount, when you use the hot keys.

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As @StarTreker covered Zorin Core above, @Jeslin mentioned XFCE which is Zorin Lite. XFCE comes with screen magnifier function built in.

so "ctrl windows 8" is a toggle? What keys do I use to zoom in and out incrementally? Is it still "windows +" and "windows -" or some other keys?

I don't know of hot keys to zoom in and out incrementally on the OS itself. This is why I suggested, to adjust the zoom amount, go to accessibility options in settings to adjust the zoom amount, when you use the hot keys.

However, in internet browsers, there is a way to do zooming in and out incrementally, using their own hot key setups. You do this by holding down CTRL while scrolling up or down on your mouse scroll wheel.

Additionally, you can customize your browsers to put the zoom buttons on the toolbar itself for quick access, just by clicking on them to do the same thing. See this in firefox for example zoom - + buttons!

Regarding the OS, there are also other APPS you can search for and download that do modification of your screen as well, you don't have to use the one built into the OS if you don't want to. A quick search in Software Store finds this...

OK have you used any of those other magnifier products and do they allow using "windows+" or "windows-" keys for screen magnification. I like to be able to zoom the entire screen and not just a box under the cursor the same way that Microsoft windows does it. I have it working that way under Kubuntu 18.04 on my laptop and I kind of don't want to mess with my laptop until I know I have a solution that works. I do however have a desktop computer which I am looking to format and do a clean install on so I can experiment on that.

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