Is there a way to collapse or manage the System Tray?

Hi there,

My is there any way to collapse or manage the system tray in Zorin? I am using the GNOME-SHELL-like layout and I'm on 16.3 x86_64

See attached and thanks in advance!

By "collape or manage" what effect are you seeking?

I presume you are aware that Right Click on the Panel offers you some settings to customise your panel. Have you explored that.
Also look at Gnome Tweaks.

Im looking to hide those icons and ideally only have 1 icon that expands / shows all hidden tray icons.

Yes, im aware. .. however in the gnome-shell-like right clicking on that panel doesn't show any settings :confused:

If you right click each icon and choose never show or hide (not at my computer right now) it should place them in the overflow accessed by the right arrow. You may need to keep one icon there to see the overflow arrow.

Maybe KDocker or AllTray from Software Center.

it doesn't seem like right clicking on this layout offers the option to show/hide...

hmm interesting.. i'll give them a try and report back...

Well, maybe one at a time, not both together, just to avoid conflicts between them and avoid ending up with more problems on top of the current one.

I tried both, AllTray didn't do anything so I uninstalled it. KDocker at least added the icon to the top bar but it was only hiding the software center, it may have trouble dealing with flatpacks. I went through the settings to see if I needed to change something but none of the options hid the icons :confused:

Is panel Intellihide what you are seeking. i.e. panel collapses / disapears under certain conditions?

If so, right click on panel, click Settings and find this:

screenshot intellihide setting

I'd say no, on the first post JBlack shows that he wants to collapse only the tray icons that some applications display on the left of the system tray, Panel Intellihide is to adjust taskbar appearance and behavior, not the taskbar trays.

  1. Install gnome tweaks:
    sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

  2. Install gnome shell integration for chrome/firefox from the extension store
    Gnome-shell-integratie - Chrome Web Store
    GNOME Shell integration – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

  3. You can use this extension:
    Tray Icons: Reloaded - GNOME Shell Extensions

  4. Disable Zorin Appindicators in the extensions application.

Allright.. i tried this one

  1. Result:

It seems skype is shown, a reminders clock showed up and no button to expand/collapse is visible.

In the extensions app, open the settings page (cog wheel) of the tray icons reloaded, change the tray icons limit to 1.

Huh, why my Extensions doesn't open? Seems broken, I have its icon but never opens the software :person_shrugging:.

What I'm reading about this, there are a few methods of different levels of difficulty in achieving this.

14.04 - Remove icons from system tray - Ask Ubuntu goes through the process of manually editing the .desktop file of the offending application so the system tray applet is never run.

Shutter icon in System Tray ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS - Ask Ubuntu describes how to ensure an application shows, but this can be used for the opposite as well. In taskbar settings, behavior, change the icons to hidden.

[ubuntu] Hide tray icon discusses using drawers to manage the icons in the system tray so they don't show unless you click the drawer.

Whichever one resolves your issue, please define it so other members will know which one resolved the issue (if any do).

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