Is there a way to "delay" the startup by some time?

I have a ssd, and my computer boots up so fast, it just doesn't look cool, moreover, the time is so less (2-3 seconds) that the startup splash has no time to show, which sucks, how to delay startup to atleast 15 seconds, to make it look like some "beast" is starting up :moyai:

yeah, most people want opposite of me, but yk XD

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This thread is a first of its kind.

Most users post asking how to speed up boot. Here you are... being sane.

My SSD also boots too fast for the Zorin Splash screen.
I used to be able to get a couple things done or organized before the computer boots. Now I have to jump at its beck and call.
You might try increasing the grub timeout

sudo nano /etc/default/grub


ctl+o, enter ctrl+x

sudo update grub

Set Plymouth loading splash screen delay:

sudo nano /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf

Add the line:


ctl+o, enter ctrl+x

sudo update-initramfs -u


You want to slow down, interesting. When You mean the Grub Menu You can choose the Step from @Aravisian but when You are on the Grub Timeout You could set it to -1 because then it will only disappear when You make a Choice.

That are Milliseconds?

Computers don't think all slow like we humans do. They get things to do and places to be.


I only ask because it is only a Number. To know what Unit it is could help to adjust it better.

That is the base default, but a user can set the unit with s for seconds, m for minutes and even d for days. I do not recommend that last one.
The decimal would appropriately travel

  • 25000
  • 25s
  • .42m
  • .0069h
  • ...
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