Is there a way to install Zorin OS without bootable USB drive?

I am on Zorin 16.3 and I would like to install Zorin 17. The problem is that I have no removable media on which I could burn the Zorin 17 image

There is a way to install Zorin 17 without a USB stick ?

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You can wait some days when Zorin 17 will be available to update in Zorin Upgrader.

Okay thank you
And on another Windows PC is there a way ?

You will need a USB stick, a external SSD or a DVD drive.

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If you have a DVD drive (portable or mounted), you can burn the .iso to disk.

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All right, thanks for your response

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There's a way to install through the local network but it's a bit more involved that I expected. It involves setting up a TFTP server and place files on specific locations. Even then, it may not work with all BIOS/UEFI systems so you'll have to look into this specifically. For more details I suggest reading through these, but note that while ZorinOS is based on Ubuntu there's no guarantee this will work:

I'm tempted to try this so I'll let you know if I do and how it turns out. Please do the same if you have any findings to share, this could be very helpful to include in the Unofficial Manual.

You need some sort of bootable drive, but the kind of drive almost doesn't matter

For instance, with a rooted Android device and isodrive you can use your phone as a bootable drive :person_shrugging:

(isodrive, for reference, is here: GitHub - nitanmarcel/isodrive-magisk: Use your android device to boot Linux distributions/ISO files on your PC)


Thank you very much for your very interesting response. I will try to read and I will share the news with you

Thank you very much for your response, I will try to see

I've noticed a few questions lately asking about this so I did a little research and found a way to run this. I wrote a little guide that you might find useful:

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