Is There a Way to Protect Your Privacy?

This Question is for the People who join Linux/Ubuntu for Privacy, Is there a Real way to Protect your Privacy. Creating completely Fake digital footprints and stuff. Not in Terms of Piracy, But in Terms of Safety of Personnel data and not getting targeted by advertisers. How to Hide Your Digital Foot Print Using Linux Guide?


What I do is minimize risk, not perfect protection. Specifically, I provide information to only the minimum necessary services. Changing search engines every time a scandal is reported may just be spreading information around.


If you are Trying to go Ghost on the web, then there are a lot of variables to be taken care of and cannot be brought together in one post :sweat_smile:

  1. First your IP (internet Protocol) needs to always stay off the eyes of govt and MNC's, simple words buy a great V.P.N that runs 24/7 and keep the kill switch on :wink:

  2. Second Try to enable the setting in your browser that delete's all your browsing data as soon as you log out, with an excellent ad-blocker. I would Recommend Brave-Browser and never login in to any big MNC ex- google, facebook without reason.

  3. Third, The Biggest and the Toughest mechanism to break. Tech's like GPS and I.P. can be easily fooled, But the MNC's now use some sort of A.I. mechanism that uses the Location of the device connected to the same router as yours, even if you are using V.P.N they will have an Idea of your Location. There are a lot of way's to prevent this, but as I said this is a whole lot info for one post :wink:

  1. It will take some time for the MNC A.I to change your location and footprint origin (maybe 2 weeks or more) making you a ghost like me :wink:. But, to achieve that you will need to strictly follow Step 1 and 2.

Hope, That's Enough


I really wanna know how to Prevent this :scream:
At least one way :cry:


Ohh, Simple but Costly. Need To keep all the devices on separate network's + V.P.N and if you do not care about the others or just have one or two devices.

Try keeping the device you prioritize on a different network + V.P.N. ex:- Your Desktop PC, on a different WiFi just used by one Device (Your Desktop).

The Methods I mentioned above if followed perfectly will create a loop of unbreakable security (some Exception's) and will make all your digital footprints meaning less :smile:


I can Work with these :joy:


Privacy is not the same thing as anonymity.

For example, if you live in a building with a doorman and you order something online, you can have privacy since the doorman will not know what's inside the package when he hands it over to you. You can also have anonymity from other neighbors since they may see the doorman has a package but don't know who ordered it.

This is an enormous topic and it all starts with defining your threat model: who is your opponent and how far are you willing to go to protect from them?

Are you trying to get privacy when using the Wi-Fi on a public place? From your Internet Service Provider? From your a shared network e.g., school, university, home? From your government? From tech companies? From your employer while looking at jobs applications? Do you want to be a invisible from everyone like in the movies?

There's a lot of things to consider involving both technologies to use and habits to start getting into. In fact it's more about habits and how you use the technology, than what technology you actually use. Here's a good starting point:


Thank You for the Reply, But I certainly got a solution.

Yeah, I am really a secluded person and do not travel that much, Especially with Electronics.
and the @anon6471198 provided I suppose covered both my Privacy and Anonymity.
What else hiding your digital footprint mean?
Staying Private and Anonymous :woman_shrugging:
I don't want a threat model, when no one knows me. The basic need of mine is that it stays that way.

No threat model means you do not have an accurate picture of what measures are needed to protect your privacy and/or anonymity. It's prone to error. The solutions shared sound very promising, I hope they work for you.


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That why using public places like a library or another to difficult to be catched and be always in moving. I am Robot was some episode movie.


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