Is there a way to run DxDiag and get a DxDiag log in Wine?

I'm having trouble with a game that I'm running via Wine, and the game's tech support people said if it happens again to send a DxDiag log. Well, of course, the instructions they gave for how to do this are for Windows. Is there a way to do this in Wine?
I did try to do a Web search for how to do this but it seems to be a difficult one to search for.

Try dxdiag - exits without success - WineHQ Forums
What game is this? If the tech support guys aren't versed in Linux gaming you may end up wasting your time. In that case I recommend searching/asking Linux - WineHQ Forums or GamersOnLinux
Some of us here may also be able to help you without you having to visit those forums.

Can you please be specific? What is the trouble? Which game are you trying to play?

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