Is there a Windows Storage Spaces equivalent for Zorin OS?

I would like a simple equivalent for Windows Storage Spaces. In particular just for a 2 way mirror using 2 drives. It must be a GUI setup as I am not going to use command lines.

Is there anything like this for Zorin OS?

In Linux there is something called Logical Volume Manager. I don't know of any graphical interface for this, but this looks interesting so you may want to check it out:

This can also handle software-based RAID using multiple drives, for things like mirroring or more complex RAID setups, if that's what you're after.

See this article on Stack Exchange:

And compare with a review of Windows Storage Spaces cf. with Parity here:

Thanks. Webmin looks interesting but unfortunately it is not available in the Zorin repo and I am not adding third party repos to my installation.

As well as that it seems installing webmin opens you up to potential security issues which isn't worth the hassle to me just to setup raid storage.

You can run a web server locally on your machine and serve only requests coming from the machine itself. Although that vulnerability, as per the article, has already been patched.

Thinking back to this, I realize there's also Cockpit. It's a similar concept, served through a web server (which you can set to listen to requests from the same machine), but I haven't checked if it has RAID support.