Is there an easy to use alternative with GUI for "Macs Fan Control" app for linux?

When I was using mac with macos I had heating issues due to the intel processor. However there was this life saving software called "Macs Fan Control". It helped in keeping the heating under control. However there is not much similar to that app that. I used something called mbpfan but doesn't seem to be as effective as "Macs Fan Control". Can anyone help me setup mbpfan or give any suggestions?

Unfortunately, no.

Demand is low. Macbooks comprise about 6% of the market and even fewer Macbooks are running Linux Distros.
There are CLI options, one of which you tried already: mbpfan.
There is also the applesmc kernel module or the third party CLI app macfanctld.

Both mbpfan and macfanctld allow user manual control of fan speed; you may be resigned to having to let go of the hope for a GUI app for it - for now, anyway.

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