Is there an easy way to upgrade to pro?

Is there an easy way to upgrade whilst keeping all current settings, apps, themes, personal files etc?

Any of the software installed on Zorin Pro is available to install on Zorin Core, but the additional desktop layouts are not. What features would you like from Pro ?


I also would like to point out that most of us opted for Pro version to support the developer.

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I forgot to answer your question.

There is no in-place upgrade path from Core to Pro version at the moment. This function could come in future but not at this time.
If you with to upgrade to Pro version, clean install is the only way.


Is there no upgrade command like pop os have ?

sudo pop-upgrade release upgrade -f

ZorinGroup is in the process of developing a Direct Upgrade approach. It is still in development, has not been released - Do Not Believe Reddit.


I found on reddit this from a user who wanted to update from 15.3 to 16


Set /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades to lts and running sudo do-release-upgrade -c shows the following:

New release '20.04.3 LTS' available.
Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.

I hide the details, users should not use it and wait for official release. If you do and you managed to make a mess of your system, don't blame me. It can break things!.

It absolutely 100% will break Zorin OS, necessitating a complete reinstall and possible personal file loss.


Thanks for the replies. I think I'll wait to upgrade when direct upgrade has been developed.


I want to support the developers for sure by upgrading to Pro. But I needed to run core to find out if the os is robust enough to do what i want it to do. Now I am satisfied, but I don't want to break my current installation.

It seems to me that a lot of people would want to try out the operating system before they buy, but if you have already set it up to how you like it then you guys should have an easy upgrade option. Not a re-install. Just my 2 cents. Cheers

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