Is there an update about the logoff issue ...?

So I woke up Zorin OS from sleep in "suspend" mode. I entered my password. Then I was taken to the login screen (for new sessions). Not the first time it's happened. Any word from the Zorin Group on this? Other people have reported encountering it, too, so I'm not the only one. Anything ... ? Seems to me like this is a "911" bug that needs to be taken care of ASAP. Thanks.

P.S.: This was NOT an issue on version 17. Just version 17.1.

P.P.S.: Here's the obligatory humorous GIF ...

Internet Dr GIF

Just for clarification. From waking from sleep you discovered previously running apps were closed down and you were presented with fresh session login screen.
If Yes, I agree I have seen other posts describing that same scenario.
EDIT: e.g. Zorin 17 Automaticaly logout - #2 by Aravisian

Suggest you keep an eye on that thread.

@zabadabadoo - that is correct. Thanks for the link.