Is there any issue at using ZorinOS as a server?

I've been using ZorinOS for a while but also spoiled by MS and enjoy a UI to manage their servers at work.
So far I've been using as my personal home server with Ubuntu(desktop edition) and I was wondering if there were any cons/pros at using ZorinOS as an all-time-running server.

Is there any concern that would prevent from using ZorinOS as a server?
(my softwares run mainly using nginx, PHP, Postgres(+admin ui), MongoDB(client&server), MariaDB/MySql/SqLite, docker containers and dotnet runtimes, all this more or less handled by systemd as the main service manager)

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Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I have several servers on SOC in our household.
Almost all are running DietPi (Debian server made easy) without a desktop.

Only exception is a Wordpress server. Since I am a novice to LAMP, I needed a GUI. For this, I selected MXLinux for RaspberryPi. (The major reason I use SOC is its energy efficiency).

If you have been running Ubuntu with GNOME desktop on this system, there should not be any problem running Zorin Core on it.

But my preference is XFCE for its stability and a requirement for much less computer resources.

For this reason, you might want to wait for an upcoming Zorin Lite (with XFCE desktop) .


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