Is there any network monitor software which can show me the proper data usage of the day even after a restart

Is there any network monitor software for Linux based on Ubuntu which can show me the proper data usage of the day even after a restart like glasswire. i was using glasswire for this when i was in windows but now i want a alternative for that software.

Hi @AdarshMeher !

I have no experience with that, but a quick search yielded this, which seems helpful/relevant, at least to have you try some options:

Here's a quote of the answer:

tcpdump if you want a lightweight, console only program.

Wireshark if you want a full fledged GUI, which can visualize and filter dumps from tcpdump, or capture all by itself.

Nethogs seems to be able to give you a per process network usage, though I never tried it. I think this should be the closest one to glasswire.

Hopefully that helps!

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thanks but if i cloased the application or restarted my pc then they will reset the data and show my data-usage from 0 again, right ? can this applications show me the full data usage of a day even after a restart ??

Use vnstat:

you can use command line utility vnstat on the interface you want to monitor:

topaz@Sydney-vm:~$ vnstat -i enp1s0
   Database updated: 2022-08-06 07:25:20

   enp1s0 since 2022-08-06

      rx:  31.22 MiB      tx:  1.24 MiB      total:  32.46 MiB

It also will show weekly and monthly totals.

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mine is saying

 enp1s0: Not enough data available yet.

Totals are updated every 5 minutes, so you have to wait at least 5 minutes when you first use it after installation.

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i have installed vnstart last year for some screen sharing. its about a year now.

The network interface (enp1s0) is probably wrong for your system, so you get no data. Either just use vnstat alone as the command (without specifying the interface), or you can find the available interfaces with:

vnstat  --iflist

and find the correct name to use after the -i option.

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it is saying

Available interfaces: enp1s0 wlp2s0 wlx00e02d782812 anbox0

enp1s0 is wired ethernet (same as one of mine)
wlp2s0 could be a wifi interface, so you would use that with the -i option if you connect by wifi.

I think vnstat without any options gives output on all connected interfaces.

Note: On this Zorin install, the ethernet interface is something else: eno1.

You can also use ip address to find the interface names and which are "up" (active).


Get speedtest by Ookla application for your terminal and maintain your Internet data :smiley:


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