Is there any truth to antivirus software?

Well, I decided to try antivirus software on a drive with Zorin 16 Pro and 15G of assorted documents. The software I tried was Avast, ClamTK and ESET NOD32. I installed Avast first ran a scan and it found 0 problems. I uninstalled Avast rebooted and installed ClamTK. That scan found 4 PUPs and 1 trojan! I uninstalled ClamTK rebooted and installed ESET. That scan found 1 PUP. Oh, I did update virus signatures on all apps prior to running a scan.

The question is, is there any truth to antivirus software? Should I trust any of these or is this all bogus?

Never. Always Test and Check everything.

Many PUP's and such are actually benign. Without knowing what, exactly, your scan identified, I cannot say.
But cross reference them and check others experiences.


I agree, PUPS are benign, but Trojan's are not! You have to be very wary of a Trojan.

Will Trojan's written for Windows do damage to the Linux filing system? No, that is unlikely, but should be removed anyways.

Will Trojan's written for Linux damage the filing system, quite likely they would, and should be considered a real threat, and removal should be performed ASAP.

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What antivirus claims is a trojan may not actually be a trojan.


This is true as well. Back in the day when it was common practice to require the optical disk to be loaded in the drive, just to prove you owned the software, to allow the game to launch. Well, if you know anything about optical drives, they wear out.

Yeah, I know, we were all surprised when our optical drives died, especially if they died within only a year or two of use, but it happened, they just sucked, what can I say? Anyways, it was common practice for us gamers to install no-cd cracks.

We owned the games, we had the official disks to prove it! But, it was always a pain to get the stupid disks out, and insert them just to play a game. And like I said, disk drives wear out so ya. We would install these no-cd cracks.

And then all the sudden, the anti-virus software would pop up and say, detecting malicious software or detecting trojan virus! All in RED text, like OMG the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

I guess what the biggest concern was, that the tactics that no-cd cracks used to get around having to insert the disk, was perhaps the same techniques that virus's use, and thats how they always got nailed by anti-virus software.

I can't tell you how many times I thought there were real virus's, and let the anti-virus software remove my no-cd cracks just over the thought it might be true. Then when Steam gaming became popular, everything got better, no longer bought games on optical disks!

When I bought my new computer, I knew it didn't come with an optical disk, but I bought an external optical drive, just incase I ever want to load up any old software, games, or make a burned disks for whatever reason, but the likely chance of that external optical drive getting used is slim anyways.

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You can provide ROMS.:wink:

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Wat does pups and benign mean ? Those words are new to me


A potentially unwanted program (PUP) or potentially unwanted application (PUA) is software that a user may perceive as unwanted. It is used as a subjective tagging criterion by security and parental control products. ... Nearly every third-party free download site bundles their downloads with potentially unwanted software.

And simply put, benign means, HARMLESS


Ah thanks for the info.


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In my early days with computers and windows we had 2 important bits of equipment, 1 live linux CD to get you out of trouble and a CD bootable copy of AVG. Our computer group believed in scanning for virus etc before you booted into windows.

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