Is there any way to change the panel ( taskbar ) in zorin?

I might change the color, transparency and blur.
I think it is possible with custom themes but is there no way to do so manually from some application like Zorin Appearance ?

You can search Panel in :zorin: menu and can go the "Appearance" tab and under the background - style you select a solid colour or a background image for the panel

You can do a basic transparency option with the Zorin panel, by right clicking the panel and go to taskbar settings. There are a few options that you can adjust in there.

However, If you would like a more powerful panel, that offers you more features, both in utility and customization, I would have to recommend Dash To Panel.

You install Dash To Panel via a Gnome extension. You can then disable or remove the Gnome panel, so that it does not conflict, with Dash To Panel.

Here is the link to install Dash To Panel...

Keep in mind, that is for Gnome based builds of Zorin OS. Those who are running Zorin OS LITE, which is XFCE based, you'd be better suited installing the Whisker Menu, which is a good replacement for the Zorin Menu in XFCE.

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Thanks a lot it's just what I wanted! :smiley:

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