Is there any way to download the Nvidia 545 latest stable driver on Zorin?

How do I install the latest stable Nvidia driver?

Are you on Zorin OS 17 or 16?

16.3, I'm trying to run the newest games but I think it would run better on the 545 drivers. Also I do plan to upgrade to Zorin 17 in a month

On Zorin OS 16.3, please add this repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa -y

next, you must upgrade your packages, otherwise just moving straight to installing the 545 will lead to some dependency errors

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

You should see 535 upgrade from 525.129 to 535... uhh... point something or other.

Once that is done, then install the 545

sudp apt install nvidia-driver-545

If you run into any immediate dependency errors, run

sudo apt --fix-broken install

and report back in this thread what was missing.
Otherwise, Reboot and test the Nvidia 545...

Which I am also about to do because I had to perform the install to test it before making this post...

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This should automatically switch to it right?

Yes, when you install it via terminal it sets up module and DKMS. There is no need to switch to the driver in the Software & Updates > Other software tab.
Just reboot.

You may need to ensure you have DKMS installed, so I am glad you asked. Please check that...

Whats the command for DKMS?

sudo apt install dkms

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Rebooted, didn't brick my system haha

How can I check in the terminal I'm running 545?

You can run


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Games don't launch but I have like 20 updates including steam lutris bottles and a bunch of gaming related stuff so that must be it

I cannot vouch for the 545 driver...
As I said above, I did install it since I needed to be sure my suggestion would work for you. So I am also testing it out.
I launched Steam and ran Valheim without any trouble.

testing it out now

testing it on my older games, it seems a little better than 535 but I will run benchmarks later today to confirm

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Ok, so I am convinced its the particular game I am testing that is the problem, but the 545 drivers do seem a bit smoother on my older games so I consider it an improvement!


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