Is there any way to "hard code" the position of background applets on the taskbar?

So the title explains itself, I have a few apps (and extensions) that add those things on the right hand side of the taskbar like this:

The problem is, I have to lock my screen and put my PC in sleep mode multiple times a day, and it messes up the arrangement of those icons and I find it annoying.

Is there any way that I can hard code a permanent "order" so they stop changing positions every time I lock my PC?

I'm on the Gnome version of Zorin

You can review these:
Older post (14.04!) but the file names and properties may still be the same:

I am not using Gnome and cannot test this on Gnome 3.38 shell currently.

Now that I think a bit about it, maybe there's a workaround (until achieving a definitive solution), if they appear in different order after logging in because their related service is stopped/paused/closed/whatever to save energy there's a chance that disabling power saving options the system tray will keep them saved as usual instead of changing their order basing on how much fast they are in opening again to appear on the tray.

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Is there any equivalent filepath for those taskbar applets for applications though? (Ex: discord)

If you look closely, you will notice that Discord is built very similarly to a Chromium based we browser.

You will find the the system tray paths are often buried into a binary or other. This is not so easy to answer.


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