Is there any way to separate dock from panel? Zorin OS 16.2 Lite Free

Hi im trying to put my own style here or something like that

I want to know and how if it's possible to separate dock from panel on Zorin OS 16.2 Lite FREE Version.

I mean that ->

I know it use DockLike plugin but can't give that style
should install another plugin? which one?

As always thanks a lot for your time, regards my dear friends

I am having a lot of trouble understanding the goal.
Is there another way you can illustrate what you are aiming for?

u can use plank for that, but if u want to do that with docklike, i think u will need to another new panel and add docklike only to it and place it as in ur picture, and to make the length of the panel like ur picture, u can do that from panel settings:


@Aravisian Yes sorry if i wrote wrong o something like that.

This is my desktop now

And i want put the panel to the top and dock whit launchers on the bottom ... But i don't know how to do that whit default plugin DockLike

Since you are on Zorin OS Lite (XFCE), this could be really easy.

@eid posted an excellent image showing the Panel Preferences window - including descriptions.
Using his posted image as a reference, you can click the (+) icon on the upper right to create a new panel.
It will appear as a small rectangle on the screen. Grab the handle and move it to the top of your screen.
Extend the length to 100% as shown at the bottom of the image.
You can Lock the panel.
Now click on the Items tab. Here, you can add whatever available plugins you want on the Top Bar or create a custom launcher.

Moving to the Bottom panel which you wish to be Dock-like:
Right click the panel and select Panel > Panel Preferences OR
In the already open Panel Preferences window, at the top (In the image above, it is labeled as Panel 0) select the bottom panel from the Drop Down arrow.
Here, you can unlock the panel, then adjust the length to a shorter value.
In the items tab, add or remove plugins or launchers as necessary to match your Bottom Dock.

I do not use the Dock-Like Plugin at all... I prefer the Window Buttons (tasklist items). But that is a personal preference.


Thanks to both @Aravisian @eid for your time

i did that now ... but i think isn't a good idea btw it's solve my doubt, now i know that and the second option "Plank" maybe will try it

As i said, thanks for yours time dudes ... have a good day/night or whatever where are you :heart:


You seem a little disappointed with your result. Try right-clicking the bottom panel, click 'Panel', then 'Panel Preferences', then 'Row size(pixels)' increase to perhaps 70. Reduce length of panel from 100%. All the adjustments you want should be there. I hope this is what you want.

Sorry! I see I just duplicated Aravision's post about right-clicking panel. Must be getting old.

On antix i use compton with plank ,is that something that is safe to do on zorin as well? I've read that most DE dont like when you switch the compositor so, is it advisable to experiment with that on zorin (gnome)?