Is there any way to stop firefox extension from being deleted

is there anyway to stop a firefox extension from being deleted

Do you mean Firefox extensions being removed by other users?
If so, this may help:

i meant that

i put the policy.json in /etc/firefox/policies folder now what to do

only windows and mac os

For Linux, your path should be


where you can place the .json file.

To take effect, rebooting Firefox should be all that is needed.

Using the Code Framework the previous links provided on how to format the policy, you can use manifest.json to find the I.D. of the Add-On that you wish to disable the Remove Feature on.

This is as far as I can help at this point; Since I have never performed this action and do not know enough about the details past this point. I do not want to mislead you or give the wrong information.

You might ask more pointed and direct questions on the Mozilla Help Forum and see if an expert can help you get Firefox setup and protected from unauthorized changes.


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