Is there no Backups utility in 15.3 or 16.2 Lite?

Had an old Laptop running Zorin 15 x32 & its Backups were being created & saved to an external card...
Laptop has now failed (black screen, nothing loading) so I installed a new download of 15.3 x32 as a VM to VirtualBox on my Desktop, in an effort to open the previously saved Backups...
Unfortunately there now appears to be no form of "Backups" within the Menu of 15.3 to open or access them?

Having read the Zorin website where it instructs on "how to Backups", I downloaded 16.2 x64 Lite & loaded it as another VM...
But this latest version appears to have NO "Utilities" folder nor does it have a "Backups" program as stated on the website??
Having installed two separate versions of Zorin as VM's & still unable to open the old Backups, I'm now here hoping someone can help..?

All I'm wanting to do is open the old Backup files from the now dead Laptop to salvage some documents that should be on it.

Please note that I'm a Windows User & have a very rudimentary grasp of Linux but no experience using "terminal" entries.
(maximum details will help if that's what's needed)

TIA, Col

It should be there if you use core. I'm not sure with lite.
You can start it via this command


If it's not on your system you can install it with;

sudo apt install deja-dup

Yes, Deja-dup is included in Lite and it was on Zorin 15 when I used it, too.
If having trouble locating it in the menu, you can try launching it from either terminal or the alt+F2 keyboard shortcut:


I prefer just a manual backup of /home with all its hidden files (Ctrl+ H to view) that start with a period, e.g., .mozilla. I've never really liked 'deja dup'. Bit like never liking Fedora - to use Aravisian's analogy to cars, I would go for ease of use, reliability, and good safety, not bleeding edge technology that requires band aid (break-down rescue) at every corner!
If in need of backing up the entire system, then Rescuezilla.
And as an extra precaution, install Timeshift and create snapshots to be stored in /home - if snapshots to external device then make sure a partition or the whole drive is formatted to Ext4.

Thanks to @Storm & @Aravisian for your assistance.
Problem is now solved.
Initially I was looking for something called "Backups" which as you both pointed out is in fact called "Deja-dup"...
Apparently in the newest 15.3 x32 Lite, it's there but something that actually needs to be separately installed.
regards Col

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