Is this really malware?

I have run ClamTK on my /lib folder and it found all these .exe files (and more, but all in the same dir) used by Wine to be malware.

Should I be worried and quarantine/delete them? Or are they falsely considered to be malware?
I did a 'net search for "Win.Malware.Cerbu" but did not learn much.

ClamTK is famous for it's false positives. I wouldn't worried.

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Very well, thank you.

Follow-up question (not 100% related but mostly so and thus I didn't want to create yet another thread for this), is there a malware scanner for Linux to scan the memory? On another PC (running Windows) on our home Wi-Fi, ESET keeps saying that another computer may be sending harmful traffic and shows my IP. I doubt I actually have malware (I know that's much more difficult to get unaware on Linux than on Windows and I didn't get software from any suspicious sources) but would like to be sure.

There are several rkhunter and malware scanners available on Linux, like clamAV
Lynus can be used to audit your system
There is

sudo apt install chkrootkit

You can try out Linux Malware Detect, as well.

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Thanks, I will try. I did already try ClamAV (and that, just like its GUI counterpart lists a lot of .exe files from Wine as malware), but that's also only on-demand, no?
But I will look into chkrootkit and LMD.

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