Is this something I should be concerned about

Looks like a temporary outage of the server. I just pinged the site and no response.
I would wait some hours, then retest with sudo apt update


Cheers Aravisian Will do.

Im still getting the same failed to fetch error and my little red box is still showing.
Not a great concern to me as everything is working fine but just curious what the cause is

Very curious, indeed.
The Current Reported status is that mirror is up to date:

I have noticed other inrelease mirrors complaining and have noted them in the Moderator Forum for the ZorinGroup to review this past week.

Hi Aravisan,

With some spare time on my hands thought I'd have a look what was causing these failed to download errors and my annoying little red box.
Anyway went into the software store, software & updates and it was showing download from Custom. Anyway changed it to main server and asked zorin to find best server saved rebooted performed sudo apt update and lo and behold everything works fine now and the annoying red box has disappeared.
No idea where custom came from but alls good now.


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