Is Zorin 17 Pro lite version available yet?

I have Zorin Pro 17 edition however I want to download the iso of the lite Pro version?

How can I do that? Because I couldn't find any option or tutorial regarding that.

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I'm not relly sure but I don't believe Pro 17 Lite or 17 Lite for that matter is available yet ..... hopefully it won't be to much longer ....


Gday @ZorinEnjoyer

@Frog is correct, Zorin OS 17 Lite, has no release date yet but shouldn't be long.
Keep your eye on the Blog, this is where we first find new releases/upgrades/etc.

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Thanks guys for the clarification!

I was a bit confused since I saw 16 Pro and Pro lite so I thought they all come together so I assumed 17 versions were there.

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Zorin 17 Lite isn't available yet, in extension Zorin 17 Pro Lite isn't available either.

Judging from past releases, first betas of 17 Lite will probably come in the next 1-2 Months. (speculation)

Zorin Lite's ambitious goal of running on a 15 year old PC is excellent. However, it is technically challenging and time-consuming. Does Lite have to be on the same schedule as Core? I don't think supporting the latest hardware is a priority for Lite.

Essentially the reason ZorinOS Lite could run on older devices was primarily because of performance improvements done to core parts of the OS (that are also in Core, both Lite and Core benefit from this)

But much more importantly: It uses the XFCE desktop as it's underlying base, which is much more lightweight than GNOME whilst maintaining a lot of the core components (especially in terms of theming)

The reason it takes some time is because ZorinOS has:

  1. Updated their theme in the 17 release, and they want to make sure it continues to work on XFCE
  2. Need to make sure their custom widgets continue to work
  3. Packaging...

In addition to this, it is because the ZorinGroup does the work on Zorin OS Core, first. Once that is complete and released, they then focus on Zorin OS Education, then on Zorin OS Lite.

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