Is Zorin Good for live-streaming?

Hi I am looking for an OS or system that is good for my church to run live streams for people to watch, does Zorin allow External Cameras to connect to the device and use it to connect to OBS, or should I use another OS that is much more suited for the sole purpose of live streaming

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This depends on the hardware and the amount of support built into Linux for it. You can search the model of the hardware and Ubuntu 20 (which Zorin 16 is based on), which will give you an idea of what kind of issues as well as whether any issues were resolved.

Since there is a variety of hardware available, without a model number and the manufacturer, there is little to tell you whether it will work. That's like asking, "I have a computer, will it work with Linux?'. The lack of information makes it impossible to give you a definitive. Yes and no.

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Of what I understand is that you want external (IP ? ) camera's connected to a switcher and out of that switcher-box stream images. On this more or less correct scenario I'll have to say already that Zorin is NOT the OS you are looking for. The one that does these things perfect, thanks to 3rd party software running on it, is at this point always and still Microsoft's Windows. I think you're much better of with Windows in such a scenario than with any Linux out there.
If you live in Europe, you can buy Windows on a second hand based license. If not maybe Windows 10 is sold now at bottom prices thanks to the launch of W 11. But don't waiste your time setting up a Matrix-wize scenario with video-camera's and Linux : there is only 3rd party software vacant for Windows (at this moment of speaking of course). Maybe Korea and Taiwan have today Linux-alternatives ...... but how safe will they be ? (privacy and all calculated )


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