Is ZorinOS 16 just a reskinned Ubuntu20.04

This is not some sort of flame thread. I'm just curious if there are any patches being done to Zorin PRO besides the theming (shell & app) and the extensions already being set up.

Just want to iterate again that I'm not complaining. I'm pretty happy with the theme.

I would say it is not. There are other applications under the hood and customizations specific to Zorin OS. Some are obvious, like the automatic wall changer.
Some are less obvious, such as modifications to multiple configuration files.
Zorin OS runs less heavy, with more speed.
Then there is the kernel, that is several releases later than the LTS kernel currently offered on Ubuntu 20.04. In many ways, Zorin OS 16 is more like Ubuntu 21.04, though it was build on Ubuntu 20.04 as a base.

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Ah yep,

Tbh I don't think the kernel update is that much of a feature? cause you can just change that using mainline easily. (Not saying it's something a newcomer would do, just looking for something more tangible I guess)

The theming setting updating multiple configs is pretty slick though.

Actually, that is risky to do. It is far better to have a tested and vetted kernel roll down the pipe than to risk your system on an untested one, much less and unsigned kernel.

You can just upgrade to a newer LTS kernel signed by ubuntu if you're on LTS. I don't imagine Zorin is making modifications on the kernel by themselves, cherry-picking every single patch and revision from 5.11-5.13.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS includes the latest stable release 19.11.1 of the latest LTS series 19.11.x. The very latest (non-stable) version being 20.02 was not chosen for downstream projects of DPDK (like Open vSwitch) not being compatible yet.
See the 19.11 and 19.11.1 release notes for details.

Ubuntu 20.04 comes with the 5.4 LTS signed kernel. It's fine by me... But some users on newer hardware have had issues.

They do review or patch as needed, yes; And we directly witnessed some of this in action with the r1 through r4 releases.

You are going to extremes with your argument and making an unreasonable statement about "cherry picking every single patch." Are you just looking to argue?
Sometimes I modify the kernel for my own use and compile it.

If you are this curious, you can review all the sources; for the Drivers, the patches and the applications:

I'm not complaining, sorry if it sounds that way. I guess I'm just more curious about what specifically is changed in Zorin OS that someone who's used Linux before can't quickly do.

Maybe very specific performance patches on the kernel (which you have mentioned). Or maybe some other software that they themselves have developed.

To be perfectly honest though, even if I just paid for the theme, the stability, and the support, I don't really mind. I understand that there's a lot of development that went through just the themes alone - UIUX and developers. And it shows. ZorinOS is easily the most consistently gorgeous distros I've seen. And I've been using Linux for more than 10 years now.

I guess I'm just looking for something that stands out from other distros out there, besides the theme. And if there aren't any, that's fine as well.

In this case, not much.
Everything in Zorin OS is Open Source and configurable by the user. This includes everything that is in Zorin OS Pro.
For many users, the out of the box experience is what they seek.
For me, personally, I like to add, remove, configure, modify, tweak... Make my own stuff...
Some stuff most users cannot "quickly" do... But most users could do more than they realize.:wink: Or at least, do what they want to do if so motivated.

I would actually need to go look... I mean, it's not asked about very often and I do not know everything that is in Zorin OS, myself. Partly because I prefer and use Zorin OS Lite. So there is a lot of stuff in Core I may have not yet seen.

I will address this personally, because it is probably the best I can manage at this time of night.

I have tried out many distros. Some, I really like, including MX Linux, Antix, Debian, Kali, Gentoo... There are some I don't like, but I won't mention the names of because that would be mean to distros like Elementary OS.

Zorin beats most on Performance, except Antix. And Antix leaves much configuration to the user. I have used Zorin OS 16 side by side with Ubuntu 21.04 and Zorin OS 16 left 21.04 in the dust.

I enjoy creating my own stuff, modifying and changing things around. Many Zorin OS users, should they borrow my computer, would probably not even recognize it as Zorin OS at all, on the surface.
As a Base, Zorin OS is excellent. I have had far more luck and a much easier time meshing scripts, applications and configurations into Zorin OS than I do on other Distros. Partly, this is because some other distros take too much control in trying to be unique, leaving me to have to undo some of their work before I can proceed with mine. With Zorin, that is far less common. On occasion, I need to modify a file in /etc somwhere. No big deal. But try sidestepping MintSources some time and you will see what I mean about making changes being like pulling teeth on other distros.
I like that I can customize Grub on Zorin to my hearts content, unlike some distros that lock that in. And Ubuntu is one of the distros that tries to be unique, meaning that the ZorinGroup already undid some of that work - to my benefit.

But then there are those who are not like me at all - they like to push the power button and get right to their own work. No customizing, no configuration, no modifying - they want a clean out of the box experience. And Zorin OS delivers that. I respect it.

Over time, I have been one of the most loudmouthed critics of the ZorinGroup as well as singing the praises. They are not perfect and neither is Zorin OS (Or any distro), but Zorin OS's flexibility, solidity and stability keep me on this distro, in spite of a lot of hopping for options.
This is what stands out for me, with Zorin OS. Speed, performance, adaptable... It is not just the theme and...

I never use any of the Zorin Themes. I don't really like them. They are well made, just not my taste.


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