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In Zorin OS Pro 16.3 there is an option to Isolate Workspaces and an option to Isolate monitors under the Behavior tab for Taskbar Settings.

In Zorin OS Pro 17 these options are not present. I can't remember if I did something to add them (I've had Zorin OS Pro 16.x installed for quite a while now).
I have 3 monitors and I need to be able to show only the running applications on each monitor. I want to show "Favorites" on my primary display only. This seems impossible without the isolate monitors option available, or am I missing something?

Was this option removed in 17?

Thanks for any help.

These sound like options provided by the Zorin-Dash Gnome Extension.

Gnome developers have been releasing new versions of Gnome in almost rapid-fire succession since elevating to GTK4. This can make it tricky to maintain Gnome Extensions.

Zorin OS 16 used Gnome 3.38.

Thanks Aravisian for the reply.

I just did a new install of Zorin OS Pro 16. I didn't install any updates yet and the Isolate Workspaces and Isolate monitors options are there in Taskbar Settings/Behavior.

Apparently they've been removed from Zorin OS Pro 17 for some reason.

Don't know why they would remove them.

I was just looking at some of the differences between the two versions of ZorinOS and indeed it seems this has been removed entirely. I would also like to know why these options were removed; was it a design choice or to bring better support for Wayland?

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I mistyped earlier: I meant Zorin-Taskbar gnome-shell extension...
I place full blame on my brain.

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I'm hoping when the upgrade from 16 to 17 becomes available this ability to "Isolate monitors" doesn't go away.


It very likely will. When you upgrade the Gnome Desktop, the extensions will need to be compatible with the Gnome Version.

I recommend creating a new thread / moving this existing thread to Feedback targeting this issue and gathering user input for support.

Oh man, this is really making me second-guess going with Zorin... I liked the appeal of it and some of it's niche features, but I was also hesitant about it for running an older Ubuntu-base and worried about it's slow release cycle. This is something that I've been going crazy to try and figure out.

I had the same problem and after searching for a while I managed to find the setting in 17. It's now in the settings app.
You need tp go to the multitasking tab and then the option is called application switching


You are right! Thank you. This works great with multiple monitors. I can now show only the open apps on each monitor.

For those in need of a visual reference when visiting this thread:

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Zorin OS 17 is based on the latest Ubuntu LTS release.
You may be thinking of the Ubuntu Interim releases which are unstable and very short term support.

This helped me a bunch. I was about to go crazy, lol.

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