Issue Installing Gnome Tweaks

I'm having issues with installing gnome tweaks both from the terminal and software center. It says, "The following packages have unmet dependencies". Anyone have a solution for this?

If using Zorin OS CORE:
Please open Software & Updates and ensure that on the first tab, Download From is set to "Main Server."
Close it out.
Open terminal and run

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Once done, run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

If using Zorin OS LITE:
You do not need Gnome Tweak Tool. Lite comes with all of that included in the xfce4-settings-manager

I followed your steps and received the same message. Also, I'm using Core version.

what is the full output of sudo apt update? (You can use pastebin to post it, if you prefer.)

I'm trying to repeat the steps above so I can show you the full output but now I'm facing another bug. The Software & Updates menu where I selected "Main Server" is no longer showing up, no matter what I do. :weary:

Open terminal and run


to launch Software & Updates

Did not launch, this is what it gave me

I think there are bad sectors on your drive... Because your installation of Zorin OS is showing signs of heavy corruption.

Should I consider reinstalling?


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