Issue: Strange Behavior of app windows

Hello, I've been a Linux user for a few years and I like using it because I am a developer. About 3 weeks ago, I decided to install Zorin OS and use it as my primary distribution because its appearance is similar to MacOS, which was my main operating system in the past.

However, I've recently encountered a highly counterproductive problem! I like to have 3 different desktops, one with a PDF open, another with the browser, and the last one with my IDE. Since I'm using a laptop, I switch between screens using gestures. When it's halfway through my workday, I always need to restart Zorin because it behaves strangely: if you try to minimize an application, it doesn't minimize; it remains as if it were a static image. However, your mouse can access what's behind it, allowing you to open desktop folders or files. You just can't see them because the image on that desktop is frozen. This happens every single day, and it's becoming quite bothersome.

I hope I explained it well. If you have any questions or solutions, I'm available.

Hi, Harvey! Thanks for the help.

Yes, this is a fresh install and it's the only OS running on this machine. I did not understood the source of the issue also, that's why i posted here... maybe it's a glitch on Zorin OS. It is running Zorin OS 16.3 (Free edition). Sometimes, i don't need to be using it on gestures, sometimes the window don't minimize without switching by desktops... so i guess the main cause isn't due the gesture navigation. But in somehow, the longer you use the computer, this issue appears. And it's a new computer, with last gen of Intel's processor (or almost - 13th gen).

I'm also waiting for a fix, because i've loved Zorin OS... but this thing is making me willing to change to another distribution.

I've found 2 posts on this forum today, i'll try the suggestion that people suggested, hoping it works.

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