Issue to return to windows

i recently got zorin os 16 core and when i did i accedentally deleted windows because i did not really read anything so now i am stuck on linux and want to return to windows. can someone help me with this

You need to download a Windows ISO and reinstall it.

tried it by formatting it with FAT it did nothing never showed up i tried every format you can use for the iso

I dont know if this item may help you. It says format as FAT32 but also includes steps if Windows image is >4gb.

Also as you have Core (Gnome DE) this may be better guide from linux point of view (not tried it myself though).


This worked but it’s sending me back every time

You will have to explain what you mean by that.

When I go to boot up the usb it simply goes back to linux

Go to BIOS settings at boot to change boot order. What desktop/notebook make and model please.

I don’t know my model but I have a ideapad 3

Follow this youtube guide:

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