Issue when opening up settings

Good Morning/Afternoon,
I installed ZorinOS as my "remote box" i jump to when im not at home to work on some things. Everything seems to be working fine, but when ever i open up "settings" the computer instantly locks.

No matter how many times i try, i just cant get to the settings. Has anyone else had this issue? This is a fresh install, and then updated to the latest version 15.3.

Thanks everyone!

What happens if you open it from terminal?


What graphics card are you using?

Same issue, this is a KVM in the cloud, so it has nothing, i know its running 3 cores of an intel E5-2690.

I am not sure on running it Virtually. On a standard install, usually control center crashing gnome shell means the user needs to check the Graphics drivers.

Think it would hurt to try to uninstall/install of gnome-control-center

It would be safer to run:

sudo apt install gnome-control-center --reinstall

Sadly nothing, whelp time to start digging.
Thank you Aravisian