Issue with audio and screen flickering Zorin 17 pro and hp USB-C dock g5

so i took the plunge and installed the core edition... as multiboot on my Hp Probook 450 G7 laptop

my HP docking station was behaving perfectly with audio jack working and stuff
Ever since i moved to pro my screen started flickering erratically for no ■■■■■■■■ reason this morning
Audio jack does not detect headset on the docking

Both things work like a charm on windows OS

What i tried

hard reset the docking (yes you can do that)
applied audio help topics from the forum (including adding extra tools)
reboot (obviously)

fun fact if i boot under windows the jack audio works and the flickering is gone (seems like something strange with usb dock detection)

i believe the docking detection to be too low level for some reason (again plugin in the headphones in windows detects the device correctly as a headpone)

another fun fact is my headset has an included microphone and it turns out it is detected as working by the audio settings (see below)

so at this stage i'm quite stuck in a Windows like bug loop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (NO offense NO finger pointing love the OS)

There is a faire hint at the latest firmware (pushed by software update)

it actually worked like a charm for 72h on core the only change being again adding two projects

Zorin OS Pro...

i fail to see what could have changed in the HW underlayer and i'm out of hardware to test because i moved both computers i had from core to pro :slight_smile:

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Do Zorin run in Wayland or Xorg? You could try to change the Mode to control if the Issue still exists. To change, go to the Login Screen. There click on Your Profile so that the Password Field appears. It is important that it is appeared. When it is, You should see in the bottom right Corner a Gear Icon. Click on it. You should get 2 Options:

Zorin Desktop (That is the Wayland Mode)
Zorin desktop on Xorg

What Mode is active You can see o the Dot that marks the Option. Change to the other and test if the System runs better.

so the flickering is gone after updates received end may but now i can still correlate whether on xorg or wayland the audio jack in a HP USB C dock g5 is gone..

same behavior on both my laptop one hp pro and one quite recente gaming laptop also hp

one of my 2 laptop still boots under windows as multiboot has the audio jack of the docking functioning

before it goes too far i could relate some very old posts complaining about this for ubuntu 22.04 lts but no fix.... so maybe it is a dead horse ...

Hmm ... Did you tried it with Pulse Audio Control Console? You can install it with the Terminal-Command sudo apt install pavucontrol

With that Tool You can set up Audio Input and Output. Maybe that works better with Your Docking station. You could give it a Try.