Issue with bootable usb drive while installing windows 10 on zorin OS


First of all sorry to ask this but I tried a lot and nothing is working. I have an emergency work pending due to this. I have Zorin OS 15.3 running on my Acer Laptop. I wanted to remove Zorin OS and install windows 10 on it for a specific reason. I have my bootable USB drive ready with windows 10 iso file. But when I try to boot it, it won't be one of the boot options when I boot in UEFI mode, and it will be available, but when selected, says no bootable drive found in LEGACY mode. Can anybody please help to solve this? It is urgent.

Thanks for your understanding.

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How did you make the installer?
I think making Windows installer requires Windows.
You could create a bootable Windows USB in Linux, but need to do it with command line.

See for example:


Thank you for your posting.

If you got error about Legacy mode, you probably need to make Win10 bootable usb in EUFI mode. For that best option is Rufus ( you can choose GPT and UEFI)

If possible , you can send us a picture from your BIOS ( tab where is secure boot and similar)


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