Issue with Conky Rock and Roll on Zorin


Wanted to use Conky Rock and Roll widget on my laptop - however, something strange is happening. The widget works and I can manipulate it in Conky Manager just fine...but the days of the week are incomplete! For example: Wednesday comes out as "Wednes" and Thursday comes out as "Thursda." Anyone have idea about this? Or have any suggestions about how to fix it? I wasn't sure if this was just a Zorin-user issue because it appears other users that use other distros don't seem to have this problem. Anything helps! Thanks everyone!

It may just not have enough size to display the full name.
In the conkyrc file for that conky, check the line for maximum_width = xxx, and set the number to be maybe 50 pixels greater. For example, if the set width is 300, make it 350. Refresh the conky using your conky manager and test.

The one thing about conky that is a bit infuriating is that they always require some fiddling. Different screen resolutions and sizes and desktop placement and such...

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