Issue with formatting SSD & Wiping out Data!

I have a Samsung NVME SSD 1TB with some Linux OS installed in it but I want to get rid of it and start afresh with a Zorin Core OS.

Problem is I tried to format it but it keeps telling me error unmounting file system.

What did you boot into in order to work on the drive? Are you on a LiveUSB boot?

Yes - A liveUSB with Ventoy.

This is a spare SSD I have which I manually placed into my computer's SSD Slot.

I keep getting this error and I don't know why...

You are getting this error because once booted, the device is mounting and something on it is running/being read.
You can either identify and kill the process ID that is running or force unmount.

Let me see if I can find a guide that is more detailed than me making a forum post...

Let's try this one:
Fixing 'Umount Target is Busy' Error in Linux.

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