Issue with web access

I have install Zorin OS many times today but I have always the same issus.
After first shutdown after install, I can’t access to web wifi and ethernet inclued.
I have the following information: DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE.
Since OS install, i’ve just install Brave Browser and ProtonVPN.
If someone can help ?

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Thanks, but it doesn’t work. The issue is not also with Brave but with all browsers. I think I have something to change in DNS OS setting but I don’t know how.

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See if anything here helps:

[SOLVED]Problem with Internet connection after VPN fail | Page 2 | - there was also some mention of IPv6 being removed/disabled. Go to Network settings and make sure IPv6 is disabled. I have to ensure IPv6 is also disabled at the router as my ISP does not use IPv6 either.


Problem with boot sequence or fault in motherboard, also the adapters might be faulty :man_shrugging:
Possibly check the boot sequence first :wink:


Thanks. It works when I edit nameserver Do you know to turn it permanently?

Change your DNS settings in the router, saves you having to change DNS for all devices.

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